Jaipur, a planned city of Rajasthan

JAIPUR, a planned city of Rajasthan delves into the very heart of the city of Jaipur and its Architecture, exploring the most concealed detailsn which but a few visitors venture to : shopping galleries, courtyards, houses.

The historical, urban and architectural approach to the historic center of the capital of Rajasthan holds many discoveries and happy surprises. The book chanllenges a number of received ideas about Jaipur’s layout and architecture, and takes a new look at ornementation. Fruit of the close collaboration between several eminent French and Indian architects and teachers, it synthesizes the research work acccomplished over the past few years.

Date :


Auteur(s) :

Remi Papillault, Alain Borie, Françoise Catalàa, Jean-Pierre Catalàa, Sanjeev Vidyarthi

Édition - Collection :

Altrim publishers



25 x 25 mm

246 pages